TOP 10 REASONS to choose Brushstrokes

  1. We use superior paint—no water added.
    When we say 10 gallons of paint, we mean 10 gallons of paint. Nothing else.
  2. Our painters are employees, not random painters we picked up that morning.
    All new Brushstrokes employees have to pass a criminal background check.
  3. Our paint crews show up.
    We give you a firm start date, and we honor it.
  4. Our painters know how to paint.
    This ought to be a given, but it’s not. We only hire the best.
  5. Our painters know what a dropsheet is.
    Your home will be in the same condition it was before we started—plus a beautiful coat of paint!
  6. Our phones work.
    What does it take to get painting contractors to return phone calls? With some contractors, you never know— but with Brushstrokes, leaving a voicemail is enough.
  7. We break it—we buy it.
    Accidents do happen once in a while—but unlike other companies, we fix any problems we might have caused (and even some that we didn’t).
  8. Our warranty actually means something.
    When a painting contractor gives you a warranty, his company still has to exist when you call to get it honored.
  9. We didn't get our insurance policy from a fortune cookie.
    We have a $1 million General Liability Insurance Policy and also carry a Workers Comp policy.


  1. The only time we stopped showing up halfway through a job was during Hurricane Rita.
    We work every day until we’re done, unless you tell us otherwise. Guaranteed.